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What Our Patients Say About Us

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I have had lower back problems for 25 plus years. I have also had numbness between my shoulders and tingling in my spine. My head has always been angled in photos. Since chiropractic care: I can once again do gardening without pain. The numbness and tingling have disappeared between my shoulders and my head is much straighter and more erect.

Auto Accident Injury Fort Myers
Leslie L.

I had spinal stenosis, have a Harrington Rod and sciatic pain. Operations and medications were recommended. Since chiropractic care: I am in less pain, having changed my eating habits and take less medication.

Fort Myers Whiplash Injury
Marica W.

I had serious back problems. Been to 5 doctors, took 6 medications, had 4 shots of cortisone and was ready for surgery until I arrived here. Since chiropractic care: I am off all meds, feel great, sleep great, have lots of energy, eat healthy, feel healthy and I live life to the best. Thank you!

Auto Injury Treatment Fort Myers
Jay S.

I am walking better. He has alleviated the pain in my lumbar region. I am not as stiff!

Auto Injury Treatment Fort Myers

My hip was hurting and chiropractic has relieved most of the pain.

Auto Injury Treatment Fort Myers

I have degenerative lumbar disc disease and headaches for years. Shoulder and back pains... these are nearly a thing of the past! My life has been much more active and I get more out of each day.

Auto Injury Treatment Fort Myers

He has given me a lot more mobility and eased my severe back and neck pain tremendously.

Auto Injury Treatment Fort Myers

I used to get headaches all the time. Since I've come here, I don't get them as much as I used to.

Auto Injury Treatment Fort Myers

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